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Sifting through ‘90s grunge and alt-rock, ‘80s pop and new wave, and ‘70s punk, Indianapolis trio Wife Patrol distills everything its members love about rock with none of what is obsolete.

In 2015, Nicole (bass/vocals), Natasha (drums/vocals), and Greg (guitar/vocals) pooled their collective music experience in performance, promotion, and journalism and wrote a batch of demos – 2016’s self-released Electric Blizzard EP. Wife Patrol then took to the stage, performing throughout the Midwest, including at LadyFest Cincinnati (2017) and the MidWay Music Festival (2017, 2019) in Bloomington, Indiana. By 2017, the band earned recognition for delivering one of the top performances of WFYI’s Small Studio Sessions on Indianapolis's NPR/PBS syndicated station.

Wife Patrol’s shows range from Sabbath-esque riffage to Mazzy Star sweetness, while the group's tight chemistry keeps everything identifiably its own. Their performances caught the attention of recording engineer/producer Paul Mahern, with whom the band recorded the Orange EP, which was released in September of 2018.

Wife Patrol is currently recording their first full-length album.


Vocals, Bass / Nicole
Vocals, Drums / Natasha
Vocals, Guitar / Greg



Photos by Clay Lomneth


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Photo by Chad Carrothers

 Orange EP

Released September 28, 2018

All songs written by Wife Patrol. Produced and recorded by Paul Mahern. Recorded at Ground Sound Studios, mixed and mastered at White Arc Studios in Bloomington, Indiana.

Physical CDs of the Orange EP can be purchased at Wife Patrol shows, or digital copies can be purchased online via bandcamp.

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